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Mitch and Jeffrey in Cleveland

The Little Black Book of Connections is an innovative book about making connections and connecting with other powerful business people. This half-day workshop based on Jeffrey Gitomer’s successful book contains everything you need to know about connecting, so that your little black book will become a success tool, not just a numbers database.

Jeffrey Gitomer’s certified content will instruct you on how to bring value to your connections, how to identify the best places to network, and master the actions to become known. As a student, you will study Jeffrey Gitomer’s philosophy that the quality of your relationships determines their fate; and you will learn how to implement that philosophy into your daily routine. You will also watch short video presentations by the King of Sales himself,

Participate in classroom activities, role play, initiate group discussions, complete workbook exercises, complete workbook exercises, and receive new skills to immediately apply when you leave.

This workshop will provide you with a framework that will enable you to apply Jeffrey Gitomer’s networking lessons to your personal and professional lives.

gitomer-bookLearning Objectives:

  • Learn critical networking strategies that have worked for Jeffrey and will work for you
  • Define the commitment for the actions you’ll take immediately after class
  • Create a 30-second personal commercial that will blow the competition out of the park
  • Learn how to netweave
  • Master how to position yourself to become known
  • Learn how to identify a good connection
  • Learn the importance of not judging connections

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Location: Sunset Room 2 Date: September 1, 2015 Time: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm Mitch Taylor Mitch Taylor

The Little Black Book of Selling Workshop

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