Pioneer DJ – Booth 221

pioneer-djPioneer entered the DJ industry in 1994, with the launch of the world’s first flat-top DJ player, the DJ-500. Since then, we have devoted ourselves to developing products that deliver world-firsts together with enjoyment beyond our customers’ expectations.

Over the past two decades, DJs have shifted from using vinyl to CDs, and from CDs to music files such as MP3. Now, the use of cloud storage and the growing popularity of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), sees industry arrive at its fourth wave. The birth of Pioneer DJ in such an era of change represents an unparalleled opportunity.

Our whole purpose is to understand and predict the future needs of DJs, clubs and the dance music community, and deliver products and services that enable, excite and provide total enjoyment. As an ‘entertainment creation company’, our wish is to provide many moments of great pleasure and exhilaration to all people who enjoy dance music.

We want to keep Pioneer DJ firmly at the center of the dance music culture: enabling DJs make audiences of thousands go wild, men and women to meet and enjoy memorable nights, and those precious moments spent mixing music at home.

We hope that you will all continue to provide us with your feedback and encouragement.

Pioneer DJ

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